Beef Enterprise Consulting

Land O'Lakes has established it's Beef Enterprise Consulting program to better serve beef producers in the upper midwest, helping them to be competitive with the large commercial feedyards of the Southern Plains. It is a flexible program with many different modules that can be chosen based on the needs of each individual feedlot or producer.

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Land O'Lakes Beef Enterprise Consulting


Nutrition Consulting                                                                                                                   Top

Beef Ration Balancer software - ration balancing plus performance and financial projections.

Feedstuff Analysis - analysis packages for grains, forages and TMRs.

Nutrition & Ration Review - total evaluation of feedstuffs, rations, mixer evaluation, feed storage & handling, inventory control, alternative feedstuffs, water quality.


Data Consulting                                                                                                                               Top

Feedlot Cost & Performance Monitoring software - tracks feedlot and financial performance, nutrition, intakes and costs.

Intake analysis - graphing of dry matter intakes to identify management opportunities.

Closeout analysis - comparison of actual closeout data with potential closeout performance based on total nutrient intakes.


Management Consulting                                                                                                           Top

Feedbunk Management Training - Bunk scoring & recording, review of feeding techniques, review of factors affecting feed intakes, training for employees and/or owners.

Herd Health Analysis & Review - coordination with your veterinarian to review herd health history, vaccination and implant programs, health and nutrition interaction.

Consulting Checklists - forms for analyzing facilities, cattle, intakes and management.

Beef Quality Assurance Certification - assist you thru the process to achieve BQA certification.


Facility Consulting                                                                                                                       Top

Current Feedlot Analysis - walk thru and written analysis of current facilities & capacities.

Feedlot expansion and/or new construction - Feedlot design with construction cost estimates for new facilities. Cashflows to determine new yardage costs and potential profits.

Manure Management - Work with government agencies to stay in compliance.  Assist with manure storage design, manure nutrient analysis.


Cattle Marketing Consulting                                                                                                   Top

Marketing Analysis - review of kill sheet data, marketing alternatives such as grids and risk management strategies.

Marketing Programs - programs for marketing cattle are available thru various channels. New alignments are constantly being developed to add value to fed cattle.


Financial Consulting                                                                                                                   Top

Financial Analysis - review of historic and current financial situation of the beef enterprise or total farm operation.  Analysis tools that calculate operating efficiency, asset turnover, and debt load ratios.

Business Planning - short term and long term planning for growth strategies looking at the current situation, outlook, goals, and strategies needed to attain the goals. Lenders like to see a written business plan for expansion projects.


Requirements for Beef Enterprise Consultant Certification

Land O Lakes Training                                                                                                Top


Sales Training


Computer Skills                                                                                                            Top


Personal Experience



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